Happiness is round the corner!

Or at least, Christmas is!

Like millions of people, I’ve had plenty of family memories to cherish. Yet, the Christmas ones are my favourite of all. My parents struggled for the whole year and when came Christmas, they’d just stop and focus on family and enjoy the moment. Being together was one of them. Going window shopping, believing that Santa Claus would hear my prayers and get my favourite toys. I’d go through toy magazine, cut the toy image I liked and pasted them on a blank sheet of paper. Then I’d put them in an envelope and simply addressed it to Santa Claus, North Pole. Seems it hasn’t changed! Even my little nephews are still doing it. I like how a tradition remains the same.

Talking about presents, I truly believe that a wellthought personalized gift is better than any of the most expensive ones. Simply because you’ve put time, effort and your mind into it. And it shows you know that person and that you care for them. The worst is to receive a gift that doesn’t fit your personality at all.

I know, sometimes it is hard to get the perfect gift, especially if you don’t really know that person because your company decided on a whim that this year, you’re gonna have a secret Santa! If you’re colleagues, there is always a way to get around a gift idea. You can have a look at your colleague’s desk for example. See if there’s any decorations that could indicate his/her tastes. Or, maybe you can observe her personality, if she/he wears bright colours or is changing ties every day then, there you have it! In case there is really no hint at all, you can always ask for help from your other colleagues!

Merry Xmas to you all!