Spring is coming…

If not, at least, it’s sunny in Marseille! There’s something in the air.

img_20170221_094317_949.jpgOn my way to work this week _on Monday to be exact, therefore not in a particularly good mood, I went by this flower market by the metro station. I never really look at it, probably because I’m always almost (yes almost) late and because the market happens every Monday, yet this time, there was something that caught my eye! Beautiful mimosas, finally in season! (yes, I’d like a glass of that too 😉

So go grab one yourself if there’s some close by! It’s no expensive, lasts a while, and give such a nice touch of yellow and happy colours at home. Oh, and the smell clearly reminds you that Spring is coming 🙂 Some doesn’t like it; it smells like freshly cut green leaves with a twist…

Anway, I find it most intriguing…and it perfectly fits my vintage chest-of-drawers in the entrance hall






Diet or no diet

…that is the question.

Ok, so, I didn’t take a picture as I said I would. Not because I didn’t have time, no. I didn’t take a picture of myself because I simply didn’t follow my rule of dieting. I was supposed to be careful of what I eat, bla bla bla but I didn’t do it.

It’s funny I ‘m actually at my highest weight gain of all time! I managed a couple of time to loose it all. But this time, it seems impossible. I’m not putting much effort, that’s a fact, but also because..I finally feel fine in my body ! I have accepted it as it is, a cute little Michelin shape girl 😛

Seriously, I woke up this morning, put myself on the scale to see, yet again, the same numbers for two weeks in a row now. My reaction was: “meh..whatevs” and went on to have my breakfast with Gâche and Nocciolata and butter and jam. Yep I did. Didn’t feel guilty at all.

So, the conclusion is, love yourself and you won’t need any freaking diet in your life. Easy to say…I know.


Tchuss my friends