Spring is coming…

If not, at least, it’s sunny in Marseille! There’s something in the air.

img_20170221_094317_949.jpgOn my way to work this week _on Monday to be exact, therefore not in a particularly good mood, I went by this flower market by the metro station. I never really look at it, probably because I’m always almost (yes almost) late and because the market happens every Monday, yet this time, there was something that caught my eye! Beautiful mimosas, finally in season! (yes, I’d like a glass of that too 😉

So go grab one yourself if there’s some close by! It’s no expensive, lasts a while, and give such a nice touch of yellow and happy colours at home. Oh, and the smell clearly reminds you that Spring is coming 🙂 Some doesn’t like it; it smells like freshly cut green leaves with a twist…

Anway, I find it most intriguing…and it perfectly fits my vintage chest-of-drawers in the entrance hall


VoilĂ !





That’s me last weekend. Let me exlain. I was with my man who was looking for some clothes. Yes, because when a man who hates shopping does go for a ride, he loathes it so much that the less time spent, the better. And no way in hell will he call that shopping . It’s a necessity. So he is looking for clothes,  not “shopping”. Meaning, he knows exactly what he wants,  and has bionic eyes that tell him straight away if whatever he has in his hands will fit or not. A super power most girls would love to have. Except that it hardly ever works out, of course.

So I ended up waiting oustide the fitting room (because I’ve done enough shopping and my wallet is kind of empty at the mo ^_^) and man, how boring it was. I completely and utterly understand them when they have to follow us while we do our shopping!

See how happy I was:

Yes, I liked the multiple reflection. I started posing till the sales clerk was looking at me and giving me the”what the hell?!?”look.

But it didnt stop me 🙂 (in another store though!)

That’s when I realize the mirror made me look real nice and fit. It’s nice to feel that good and that fit once in a while. You see, I keep seeing posts about fitness and super hot girls with unbelievable six packs telling us how easy it is to have their body. Bull***t. Or maybe it is possible. I’m just too lazy. Oopsie 😛

Oh well. I’ll stick to my fitting room mirrors then. To feel good once in a while.




Diet or no diet

…that is the question.

Ok, so, I didn’t take a picture as I said I would. Not because I didn’t have time, no. I didn’t take a picture of myself because I simply didn’t follow my rule of dieting. I was supposed to be careful of what I eat, bla bla bla but I didn’t do it.

It’s funny I ‘m actually at my highest weight gain of all time! I managed a couple of time to loose it all. But this time, it seems impossible. I’m not putting much effort, that’s a fact, but also because..I finally feel fine in my body ! I have accepted it as it is, a cute little Michelin shape girl 😛

Seriously, I woke up this morning, put myself on the scale to see, yet again, the same numbers for two weeks in a row now. My reaction was: “meh..whatevs” and went on to have my breakfast with GĂąche and Nocciolata and butter and jam. Yep I did. Didn’t feel guilty at all.

So, the conclusion is, love yourself and you won’t need any freaking diet in your life. Easy to say…I know.


Tchuss my friends

That time of year

…after partying and having had too much to drink or eat, and after deciding on which resolutions to stand by…here comes the diet! Wahey! Exciting…not really…

So, I’ve started my daily gym fix on Monday. It’s called ’21 Day Fix’. So I hope it’ll do the job. I’ve had it for at least 3 years now and I think I’ve done hundreds of Day 1 of this 21 Day program lol.

The furthest I’ve done was probably up to day 7 ! So, I’m challenging myself (and my jeans, which are all cracked in between the legs because I refuse to believe I cannot fit my size anymore). Hopefully, it will go without tears…

My weight is 55.4 (or ‘was’ that much on Monday..yes I’m already hopefull, yet a bit afraid to actually check that fact). I’m targeting a round 50kg. I’m 158cm so 50kg would be nice and comfie. I’m not into food diet. I do take care of what I’m having but it’s more like I’m paying attention to have whatever I want in the morning, slightly less for lunch and almost only green things (or clear broths with veggie) for dinner.

Mind you, I had a fat sandwich with French baguette, topped with fries. So…I eat. To be honest, I didn’t finish the fries but had some of them..so that I don’t get too frustrated 🙂

I’ve also decided to get a little help…I bought this organic thing to drink: it’s supposed to cleanse, detox, help erase the fat and reduce sugar intake. If it works, I’ll let you know !

I thought about taking that classic picture of “Before”. I’ll try to do that and post it next time…

Anyway, wish me luck with my diet!







Happiness is round the corner!

Or at least, Christmas is!

Like millions of people, I’ve had plenty of family memories to cherish. Yet, the Christmas ones are my favourite of all. My parents struggled for the whole year and when came Christmas, they’d just stop and focus on family and enjoy the moment. Being together was one of them. Going window shopping, believing that Santa Claus would hear my prayers and get my favourite toys. I’d go through toy magazine, cut the toy image I liked and pasted them on a blank sheet of paper. Then I’d put them in an envelope and simply addressed it to Santa Claus, North Pole. Seems it hasn’t changed! Even my little nephews are still doing it. I like how a tradition remains the same.

Talking about presents, I truly believe that a wellthought personalized gift is better than any of the most expensive ones. Simply because you’ve put time, effort and your mind into it. And it shows you know that person and that you care for them. The worst is to receive a gift that doesn’t fit your personality at all.

I know, sometimes it is hard to get the perfect gift, especially if you don’t really know that person because your company decided on a whim that this year, you’re gonna have a secret Santa! If you’re colleagues, there is always a way to get around a gift idea. You can have a look at your colleague’s desk for example. See if there’s any decorations that could indicate his/her tastes. Or, maybe you can observe her personality, if she/he wears bright colours or is changing ties every day then, there you have it! In case there is really no hint at all, you can always ask for help from your other colleagues!

Merry Xmas to you all!






Food nostalgia

Ever since I came back to France, I’ve been craving for Asian food. The funny part is that when I was in Asia, all I ever wanted was French food… Always craving for the impossible!

So I’ve been trying to learn to cook it at home, but there’s always something amiss, never quite getting it, which gets even more frustrating as it reminds me of how delicious food was overthere.

When I go to Asian restaurants in Marseille, the food is usually good but so different from the authentic flavours one can find in Asia. I understand you have to adapt to local tastes but I really believe people would enjoy it even more if the taste was left unaltered and genuine, rather than something smelling and tasting almost like the real thing but not quite.

Anyway, I could talk about food for hours on end, even while eating!

I tried Le Parpaing Qui Flotte, in Le Camas neighbourhood. I must say I was a bit disappointed. I’ve heard so many good comments, I’ve probably built hopes on it. IT was crowded, as expected, the dĂ©cor  was nicely done but not overwhelming either, the service, well, Ă  la française and the tapas ok. But just. I prefered CafĂ© George in the same area, and same concept for that matter.

Anyway, it makes me hungry just talking about food!