A neat freak odyssey

Hear ye, hear ye!


I have found the perfect diaper bag that doesn’t look like one…I’ve been looking for one ever since I gave birth to little A and had our first outing, realised a normal bag wasn’t enough for a control freak like me who like things neat and organised. But all I could find were ugly bulky looking ones, that were all far from being discreet.

Before I got to THE bag, I changed my mind countless times, searched and searched the net, Pinterest and Instagram for changing bags. I did find a few nice ones but so unaffordable it got me down a couple of times. Then I found this one:

84BCE6D6-C63A-41C6-9D47-842952E817FCStudio Roméo vegan diaper bag

It’s from Studio Roméo, they also have it in white. It’s simple, big enough to hold all the necessities. I could have bought this one for myself, it just doesn’t look like a diaper bag and yet, there are many pockets inside to arrange things and be ready if anything happens with little A.

I love this shop, they also do simple, really cool baby carriers in organic cotton. I am already eyeing one of the designs, they have at least 10 trendy designs for you to choose from. Just a note, I’m not sponsored by the brand, I wish I were though ! The items are not cheap but according to all the comments, they are worth every penny. I’m going to receive my bag soon, I’ll let you know whether it is worth the money!

For those of you who still prefer more pockets, and back pack style, then I highly recommend the Be Right Back Jujube collection (the Queen of the Nile design is to die for!). I’ve seen countless very convincing YouTube “what’s in my bag” video, I almost got that instead of the Studio Roméo one. I hesitated for a long time because I really wanted lots and lots of pockets and a back pack option in case I’m overloaded with many stuff. But the Jujube backpack is, well, a backpack and I wanted something I could eventually reuse for myself.

70D19C66-B9DA-4BCC-9397-5DE7B945586BThe Jujube Be Right Back backpack, the Queen of the Nile design


If you’re looking for cool and trendy changing bags, check studio Roméo or Elodie Details, Storksak, Tiba+Mark and a couple of Australian brands a bit more upscale (and expensive) like Lily Jade and Co, Sage and Luna, Alf, etc.

For backpack changing bags, check Jujube, Skip Hop, Freshly Picked to nam3 a few.

I only searched by image, you may want to check whether it is available in your country!


Let me know which one you would go for!



New year, new me, new mini me

Long time no posts.

So much has been going on and all of a sudden, I’m part of the mama club.

A whole new world as Aladdin and Jasmine lovingly sang, yes that and a whole new level too! I never knew how much I could love someone that much until the day my little bear was born. Yes, I’m one of those mamas 😉

I learnt so many new things and discovered so many others, spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for the best things for him. I could write so many reviews my fingers would be sore typing!

Also, I wish I knew what I was getting myself into, wish people told me, warned me that Motherhood may be a wonderful thing but it isn’t always a lovely rainbow slide.
Anyway, putting that aside, I’m still on my cloud 9, trying to enjoy every waking moments with my little bear as he changes so fast! He’s just born and boom, he’s turning 2 month old this week!