That’s me last weekend. Let me exlain. I was with my man who was looking for some clothes. Yes, because when a man who hates shopping does go for a ride, he loathes it so much that the less time spent, the better. And no way in hell will he call that shopping . It’s a necessity. So he is looking for clothes,  not “shopping”. Meaning, he knows exactly what he wants,  and has bionic eyes that tell him straight away if whatever he has in his hands will fit or not. A super power most girls would love to have. Except that it hardly ever works out, of course.

So I ended up waiting oustide the fitting room (because I’ve done enough shopping and my wallet is kind of empty at the mo ^_^) and man, how boring it was. I completely and utterly understand them when they have to follow us while we do our shopping!

See how happy I was:

Yes, I liked the multiple reflection. I started posing till the sales clerk was looking at me and giving me the”what the hell?!?”look.

But it didnt stop me 🙂 (in another store though!)

That’s when I realize the mirror made me look real nice and fit. It’s nice to feel that good and that fit once in a while. You see, I keep seeing posts about fitness and super hot girls with unbelievable six packs telling us how easy it is to have their body. Bull***t. Or maybe it is possible. I’m just too lazy. Oopsie 😛

Oh well. I’ll stick to my fitting room mirrors then. To feel good once in a while.