Diet or no diet

…that is the question.

Ok, so, I didn’t take a picture as I said I would. Not because I didn’t have time, no. I didn’t take a picture of myself because I simply didn’t follow my rule of dieting. I was supposed to be careful of what I eat, bla bla bla but I didn’t do it.

It’s funny I ‘m actually at my highest weight gain of all time! I managed a couple of time to loose it all. But this time, it seems impossible. I’m not putting much effort, that’s a fact, but also because..I finally feel fine in my body ! I have accepted it as it is, a cute little Michelin shape girl 😛

Seriously, I woke up this morning, put myself on the scale to see, yet again, the same numbers for two weeks in a row now. My reaction was: “meh..whatevs” and went on to have my breakfast with Gâche and Nocciolata and butter and jam. Yep I did. Didn’t feel guilty at all.

So, the conclusion is, love yourself and you won’t need any freaking diet in your life. Easy to say…I know.


Tchuss my friends


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