Food nostalgia

Ever since I came back to France, I’ve been craving for Asian food. The funny part is that when I was in Asia, all I ever wanted was French food… Always craving for the impossible!

So I’ve been trying to learn to cook it at home, but there’s always something amiss, never quite getting it, which gets even more frustrating as it reminds me of how delicious food was overthere.

When I go to Asian restaurants in Marseille, the food is usually good but so different from the authentic flavours one can find in Asia. I understand you have to adapt to local tastes but I really believe people would enjoy it even more if the taste was left unaltered and genuine, rather than something smelling and tasting almost like the real thing but not quite.

Anyway, I could talk about food for hours on end, even while eating!

I tried Le Parpaing Qui Flotte, in Le Camas neighbourhood. I must say I was a bit disappointed. I’ve heard so many good comments, I’ve probably built hopes on it. IT was crowded, as expected, the décor  was nicely done but not overwhelming either, the service, well, à la française and the tapas ok. But just. I prefered Café George in the same area, and same concept for that matter.

Anyway, it makes me hungry just talking about food!



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